Eid al-Fitr 2016AD 1437AH

So, I predicted at the beginning of this month that Saudi will announce Eid al-Fitr as Wednesday 6th July and therefore completing 30 fasts for Ramadan (for those who started on a Monday).

For once, it completely aligns with astronomical data regarding the visibility of the new moon (hilaal). Today, Monday 4th July, it will not be possible to sight the new moon from any of the Islamic countries in the Middle East, north Africa or Asian sub-continent. So you will be completing 30 fasts and Eid al-Fitr will be on Wed 6th July for you

New-moon Mon 4th July 2016

New moon Mon 4th July 2016

Please see tomorrows (evening of Tuesday 5th July) chart below, it shows clear new moon visibility in much of the Middle East, northern Africa, parts India, south east Asia and the whole Americas. If you started on a Tuesday in any of these regions, you will complete 29 fasts only and do Eid al-Fitr on Wed 6th July.

New moon Tue 5th July 2016

New moon Tue 5th July 2016

Now let’s talk about the UK, strictly speaking the chart above shows no local sighting is possible in much of Europe including the UK. No sighting at all. Therefore depending on how your local mosque or community make the decision the following might apply.

1. If based on sighting from NEAREST Muslim country (any North African country), your Eid al-Fitr is Wed 6th July. Whether you started on Monday (30 fasts) or Tuesday (29 fasts)

2. If based on GLOBAL sighting, the same principle and date as 1 above applies

3. If based upon a LOCAL sighting then strictly speaking the new moon is NOT visible on Tuesday 5th July (but will be on Wed 6th July, see chart at end). This is where it gets interesting…IF you started on Monday then you will have completed 30 fasts on Tuesday 5th July and therefore MUST do Eid al-Fitr the next day. You simply cannot keep 31 fasts. Only for those who started Tuesday would Eid al-Fitr on Thursday 7th July be valid – to me this validates the position of local sighting and my previous blog post on the start of Ramadan 2016.

To summarise, both Wednesday 6th July and Thursday 7th July 2016 are valid dates for Eid al-Fitr in the UK, strictly speaking neither is wholly right or wholly wrong. What does matter is how you came to the decision and that you stick to this principle all the time.

The sticking matter of the unification of start of Ramadan and dates for Eid in the UK are primarily based upon the differing (yet valid in most cases) decision making mechanism that is used. Don’t expect all mosques & communities to agree and for there to be a unified date going forward – this is unlikely to happen. One of the issues is the Umm al-Qura calendar.

Good luck, God bless and Eid Mubarak where you are.

In a future post I will attempt to demystify the lunar cycle and hopefully increase people’s understanding of this issue.

Ramadan 2016AD, 1437AH – Clarity from Chaos

As usual confusion as to when Ramadan begins this year is abound. IT really does surprise me as to how a LOT of people cannot get their heads around basic astronomy and continue to ignore facts – oft blaming those using facts of being ignorant themselves.

Islam uses a Lunar calendar. From one new moon until the next is called a Lunar month and is usually 29.5 (29 and a half) days. So please understand clearly that a Lunar month doesn’t fit nicely into the category of exactly 29 or exactly 30 days, it is squarely in between.

Getting to the point. Sighting of the new moon (‘hilal’) for the beginning of any Lunar/Islamic month is NOT a religious matter. It is a scientific one. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, the month preceding is called Shabaan.

So when does Shabaan end and Ramadan start?

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said: “Observe fast on sighting it (the new moon) and break (fast) on sighting it (the new moon), but if the sky is cloudy for you, then complete the number (of 30).” Sahih Muslim; Hadith No 2379a

So the Islamic tradition is to attempt to observe the new moon yourself on the 29th of Shabaan, failing that because 1) it is not there to observe or 2) your view is obscured (cloudy evening/night) you are to complete 30 days of Shabaan and begin the 1st of Ramadan straight after. Hence why I stated that the observation of the moon is a purely scientific matter. Continue reading

It’s 2015, coming soon to my blog…

Right, another year gone. Another already started.

thank you

First I’d like to thank all those who have visited my blog, and especially those who have commented or provided feedback. I really do appreciate it, my stats have been steadily trending upwards which encourages me to share more.

Here I quickly outline my blogging plans for the new year:

More car stuff – by far the most popular post on my blog (by hits/month) is my post on the engine pump failure on my Vauxhall back in 2008. The blog post is here and was posted back in late 2010. I still have said Vauxhall and also have a Zafira, i’ve done bits of work on both and will post updates soon.

More technical stuff – this is both my job and passion, so expect lots more. Hopefully I’m aiming to restart my beginners Server 2008 courses, for Server 2012 of course – both online and classroom based. I’ll be covering AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and PowerShell in lots more detail. Oh and lots on Windows 10 as I march on with my Technical Preview.

Birmingham – the city I live in. There is a tonne of stuff I wish to share, from activities through to infographics. What’s good, what could be better and in the words of Oliver Queen I must do what i can to “save my city” in these years of budgetary crises.

Personal Computing – the prevalence of the internet, gadgets, storage and phones means everyone is creating and using data. This is critical data (photos, tax information, licensing, bills, banking, passwords) and I’d like to share how I both store it (with resilience) and secure it (with confidence). This is domestic technology, not corporate.

Trading & Economics – another passion of mine. I will start to share my trading strategy, my actual trades and advice & tips on how to get started and crucially how to create the correct mindset for this. Mental toughness required. Although I concentrate on Forex i’ll be dipping into wider issues such as banking and personal finance where relevant.

CVs/Resumes, Job Hunting, Scam Hunting – as per usual I’ll continue along this path, the 2nd most popular blog post on my site is the CV site one found here. Exposing scams and helping people in their efforts to better their future prospects is something I love doing.

Islam – as my faith is currently under constant attack I believe it a responsiblity to add my input as and when I feel it may improve someones knowledge on an issue. I often find the basis of prejudice is lack of knowledge, educating people and doing it the right way counters bigotry.

There you go, some simple plans for 2015. The good Lord willing I hope to accomplish all of these.

[7 is my lucky number!]

Eid and the Day of Arafat

OK, I’ve had plenty of banging my head on the wall time this week merely attempting to explain to people in Birmingham and the wider UK as to why Eid-al-Adha should be on Sunday 5th October 2014 and not Saturday 4th October 2014.

Let’s get one thing right from the beginning. The Saudis (inc Haji’s) are RIGHT to do Eid on Saturday 5th October 2014 (10th Dhul-Hijjah 1435) as the new crescent moon signifying the beginning of the month of Dhul-Hijjah WAS observable IN Saudi Arabia on the evening of Thursday September 25th 2014.

The chart below shows new moon visiblity for the Thursday September 25th, and the RED shading means the new moon would have been ‘EASILY VISIBLE to the NAKED EYE’ whereas the PEACH shading means observable only under PERFECT CONDITIONS. I’ve put a square around Saudi Arabia – clearly the new cresent moon WAS visible IN Saudi Arabia on Thursday September 25th. Count 10 days from 25th (include the 25th!) and you come to Saturday 4th October 2014.


Crescent Moon Watch 25th September 2014

Now look at the circle around the UK. No RED or PEACH shading, no shading of any kind means the new moon was NOT visible anywhere from the mainland UK on Thursday 25th September 2014.

Now let’s look at the chart for Friday 26th September 2014 below, and you will see RED everywhere including the UK. So if you base your judgement on local sighting (which to be honest and in my opinion you should do) then count 10 days from 26th September means the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah in the UK is Sunday 5th October 2014. Therefore Eid-al-Adha for the entirety of the UK was on SUNDAY (again my opinion, you can do whatever you want).


Crescent Moon Watch 26th September 2014

Please remember we are on a LUNAR cycle here,  the Earth is round. Visibility for different days for different global regions is the norm.

If you imagine for just 1 minute that ALL and ANY global communications were disrupted, how would you decide the end of of Dhul-Qadah and beginning of Dhul-Hijjah? Yes, you would go outside and look for the new moon. If you don’t see it at all you would complete 30 days of Dhul-Qaddah and move on to the 1st of Dhul-Hijjah

Being out of sync is nothing new, during the early Islamic years a community just 100 miles from Makkah for example would end up doing Eid on different days. Why? Either because the person sighting the moon at either location missed it or mistook a different observation (e.g, a solar planet) for the new moon and announced the date for Eid accordingly. Due to it being impossible to send a message to & fro within a few days they were not able to corroborate their findings. Even with the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah ‘gap’ it wasn’t always possible to get communications across the region in that time frame. Practically zero chance during the end of Ramadan(!)

To conclude, what does the Day of Eid-al-Adha have to do with the Day of Arafat? Nothing at all. A little bit of Islamic history, Eid-al-Adha existed well before (7 years before) Hajj became a pillar of Islam and before there was even a ‘Day of Arafat’. Oh for those of you who advocate Global Sighting – well, all I can say is that this is a recent innovation and was never the tradition (you won’t find it in any school of Fiqh). Ever. This by extension also applies to those who rely upon Saudi sightings of the new moon – for residents of the UK following them is Global Sighting. Geddit?

Read more HERE  and thanks & copyright to Moon Watch Project (http://astro.ukho.gov.uk/moonwatch/index.html) for the diagrams above.

Why is an Islamic month not a specific set of days like in the western Gregorian calendar?

Islamic months may be 29 or 30 days in length, in some regular or irregular sequence. The simple answer is it’s because the Moon takes 29.5 days to orbit the Earth once! Actually it is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds to be exact!

How many ‘Months’ in an Islamic year?

12 months, same as the Gregorian. Most Muslims will be familiar with their names.

How many Days in an Islamic Year?

This is where it gets interesting, their are either 354 or 355 days in an Islamic Year (that 0.5 day can make a big difference!). So either 10 or 11 days shorter than the Gregorian 365 days (366 every leap year – now that makes it more interesting).

LIFe 2014

I don’t usually use the phrase ‘never again’ but LIFe 2014 was nothing like LI 2003, 05, 07, 09 or 2011!

As many have said it felt more like Leaving Islam than Living Islam. Why?

Well for one the atmosphere was nothing like previous events, people simply didn’t talk to one another in the usual friendly way as in the past. We did an experiment on the final day (following Dawuds advice) and both smiled and said salaams to whoever we walked past. Suprisingly few replied, most had a suprised look on their faces and failed to respond. Only 30% of people replied.

Maybe the mood was sombre because of what is happening at #Gaza. The events there, and pretty much across the Muslim world is that of conflict, destruction and violence. Syria, Iraq, CAR, Burma, Libya…the list is longer than ever before…can put anyones cheerful spirit into the closet.

However there were a number of judgement calls made incorrectly by ISB (Islamic Society of Britain) who organise and plan the event. The key one was the failure to focus on the spiritual aspects of ‘Living Islam’, yes there were a few good seminars and some excellent recitation by Qaris (Hasan Rasool is awesome) but the focus was on food, music and fun. There was no Fajr athaan over thr PA system as far I was aware (an ever present during previous LIs), in fact very few prayers had the athaan palyed over the PA system. A minor point perhaps but there were no (temporary) lines in the primary prayer hall in the Epic Centre, nevermind during Jummah prayer in the outer prayer area. It’s not that hard to do.

Jummah prayer seemed to be rushed due to the scheduled air show, and all I could think off during the acrobatic air display was drones/F16s flying over Rafah or Gaza city and dropping ordanance.

Now the entertainment. Oh my Lord forgive me. To be frank, the only person 99% of the people wanted was DWA (Dawud Wharnsby Ali) but he has shunned into the corner as a bit part player. Disgraceful. It was clear with the shouts of ‘We Weant More’ when Dawud left the Saturday night stage after 10 minutes, Umar Regan didnt know what to say.

DWT LIFe 2014

Dawud Wharnsby Ali on stage at LIFe 2014

The Thursday night was weird to say the least, Native Sun? OH my days. We want nasheeds that mean something, regardless of the message hip-hop, rap style music does not suit such an event. Here’s a link to the Saturdays evening live broadcast.

Rant over

These are all my personal opinions, others who went did have an overwhelmingly positive experience. Maybe not suited to those with children <12 to be honest.

Positives: Excellent Speakers, great relevant topics;Awesome fireworks; Excellent site; decent food prices at some stalls; lots of people had positive experience; Kudos to organisers & volunteers.

Negatives: Lacking ‘Islam’; Too many seminars overlapped; Focus on YM; Scouts programme not as good as previous; No atmosphere, togetherness.