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It’s 2015, coming soon to my blog…

Right, another year gone. Another already started.

thank you

First I’d like to thank all those who have visited my blog, and especially those who have commented or provided feedback. I really do appreciate it, my stats have been steadily trending upwards which encourages me to share more.

Here I quickly outline my blogging plans for the new year:

More car stuff – by far the most popular post on my blog (by hits/month) is my post on the engine pump failure on my Vauxhall back in 2008. The blog post is here and was posted back in late 2010. I still have said Vauxhall and also have a Zafira, i’ve done bits of work on both and will post updates soon.

More technical stuff – this is both my job and passion, so expect lots more. Hopefully I’m aiming to restart my beginners Server 2008 courses, for Server 2012 of course – both online and classroom based. I’ll be covering AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and PowerShell in lots more detail. Oh and lots on Windows 10 as I march on with my Technical Preview.

Birmingham – the city I live in. There is a tonne of stuff I wish to share, from activities through to infographics. What’s good, what could be better and in the words of Oliver Queen I must do what i can to “save my city” in these years of budgetary crises.

Personal Computing – the prevalence of the internet, gadgets, storage and phones means everyone is creating and using data. This is critical data (photos, tax information, licensing, bills, banking, passwords) and I’d like to share how I both store it (with resilience) and secure it (with confidence). This is domestic technology, not corporate.

Trading & Economics – another passion of mine. I will start to share my trading strategy, my actual trades and advice & tips on how to get started and crucially how to create the correct mindset for this. Mental toughness required. Although I concentrate on Forex i’ll be dipping into wider issues such as banking and personal finance where relevant.

CVs/Resumes, Job Hunting, Scam Hunting – as per usual I’ll continue along this path, the 2nd most popular blog post on my site is the CV site one found here. Exposing scams and helping people in their efforts to better their future prospects is something I love doing.

Islam – as my faith is currently under constant attack I believe it a responsiblity to add my input as and when I feel it may improve someones knowledge on an issue. I often find the basis of prejudice is lack of knowledge, educating people and doing it the right way counters bigotry.

There you go, some simple plans for 2015. The good Lord willing I hope to accomplish all of these.

[7 is my lucky number!]


the Irony of Saudi Arabia

IT really does boggle the mind.

This Sunday 19th October/25th Dhul Hijjah is a working day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), it is also a significant day for investors across the world. It is the day when the KSA’s National Commercial Bank (NCB) will be offering it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Shares. 15% of the Shares will be available at a total value ranging between 5 to 6 BILLION dollars. The interesting bit is that this is for Saudi Citizens only.


But, and the really big BUT is that the religious committee that issues Fatwas have officially prohibited Muslims from buying shares in any financial institutions dealing in usury, which includes Sunday’s IPO planned by the NCB. Ouch! Who’s gonna buy the shares then? ‘Together as One’ eh? Good Luck with that. I actually agree with the Fatwa, what really suprises me is that in Islamic Law Usury is an evil, it is banned YET this is the statement from NCB themselves:

The NCB’s Shariah advisory council issued a statement on Thursday in which it stated that “after much thought and deliberations regarding the issue, the bank considers the IPO in the bank’s stock to be permissible according to Shariah.”

What a faff, I wonder if any of the Banks advisory council members also sit on the Fatwa council? Line yer pockets, it’s permissable. NOT.

Interestingly Saudi Arabia plans to open its $600 Billion stock market to institutional foreign investors for the first time next year. Last month they issued a set of draft rules for international investors, the Capital Markets Authority said a qualified foreign investor must be:

  • a bank
  • a brokerage
  • a fund manager or
  • an insurance company
  • AND with at least $5 billion in assets under management

Basically not me 🙁 and probably not you reading this.

There is an individual 5% ownership limit in a single listed company and a collective 20% ceiling for qualified foreign investors. Nice one, I shall endeavour to find a way to invest. Incidentally that $600 billion stock market eval? Well methinks that Saudi Aramco has a lot more than that just in surplus CASH believe it or not.

Camel herding is a profitable business(!)


London Town

London is a crazy place, but i’ve found CISI and now can pursue a formal route to that independance that everyone seeks. Technology wise my SharePoint skills are far far better than they were even 6 months ago and the C# is going very well, swimmingly in fact.

I’ve decided to write up my learning method for C# on the front end website, will be usefull to those who like have always been afraid of coding! Trust me, the investment is worth it – it has made my PowerShell a lot lot better!

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