Protected PDFs

An annoyance of mine, PDFs that you cannot print. OR ones that are locked to a timeframe, usually by embedded Javascript. I had a time restricted one, I wasn’t able to print it during the period i was able to open it so had to go searching for a solution to be able to open it…and here it is:

I’ve used it a few times now and it works very well. Do let me know if the link breaks!


I fully understand why certain documents need to be protected from print, copy or need a time restriction. There are legitimate reasons to do so, however in this instance there really was no need. It was more of an annoyance as when I went to open the file it told me my 7 days were up….but ermmm…i had not even opened you during the 7 day grace period. Now I need you! So i sought a solution, and found one!

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