World War Z…

World War Zulf. That’s what happened after I watched the movie that makes up the title of this post. I was angry.

Having read, and being a hug fan of, the book by Monsieur Brooks I was stunned to watch through a big screen version of it that bore little relation to its pages of narrative. Forget the ‘fast’ zombies for a minute, I suppose I could live with that concept (not happy mind, just can deal with it).

You see, the book reads like a diary or a journal. It is made up of a collection of post ‘World War Z’ stories from very different individuals around the world who have survived. I read the book a while ago so I might miss some points, but here-in is a list of my biggest problem with the movie adaptation:

  • No mention of the morale sapping defeat at Yonkers, then the subsequent stand-off to offense from the west coast
  • No real mention of patient zero and how it all started
  • Not even a credit to General Raj Singh (most disappointing)
  • Not a utterance of the South African ‘Redeker’plan or its horrific designs
  • No mention of the nuclear war between Iran & Pakistan
  • No mention of the false rabies vaccine
  • The survival concept of many of the characters, one whose own voice helps her and another is a blind Japanese swordsman
  • …and where’s the Lobo???!!!

World War Z

What was completely wrong in the movie is thus

  • Fast zombies – what the heck? Only in 28 days later…
  • South Korea? Why? did they mistake it for South Africa?
  • Israel over-run so easily, don’t think so
  • Zombies on the plane, *yawn* so boring
  • The WHO in bloomin Cardiff? Who’d have thought?!
  • Errr….and the solution, inject yourself with a deadly virus or bacteria – and the Zeds ignore you? wth? Never saw that coming

The movie was largely pathetic, someone needs to re-make it. It would have to be an epic 3-parter much like LOTR.

  1. Part 1 – Origin story, initial spread, The Great Panic, World War Z starts
  2. Part 2 – Morale sapping defeats, surviving humans consolidate, Redeker & the Gen. Raj Singh Sq kicks in
  3. Part 3 – USofA goes on the offensive, Radio Free World, the clean-up starts, humans rebuild starting in Cuba

That would be ace, but it won’t happen. At least there is no way (I hope) that they can make a sequel to this aforementioned drivel!


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