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Continuous Learning – how to guide

The Information Technology landscape I work in has changed rapidly, and continues to evolve at pace. The common challenge I find now is that many in the IT field are finding it difficult to keep up with the learning needed to remain relevant in the job marketplace. Before I dive into new posts on the technology areas I’m most enthusiastic about I think it’s important to explain fundamental learning principles, how to remember content and how to remain motivated to learn.

[Credit for content: “Developing a Learning Mindset” by Gary Bolles, find it at Lynda.com]

How we Learn.

There are 3 essential elements to learning, they are:

  • Knowledge – cold hard facts that you know e.g. knowing how Active Directory works
  • Transferable Skills – skills you learn that can apply to multiple disciplines e.g. learning Python
  • Traits – your personality in essence e.g. completing tasks, time keeping

When you learn something, anything, it involves one or more of the above. For future learning (e.g. a textbook you want to read, a course you want to take) try to break down the learning goals into the above 3 elements.

  • What new knowledge will you gain?
  • What transferable skill will you learn?
  • What traits will you continue to develop?

So instead of just cramming information into your head you can focus on the development of all 3 elements as part of one overall task.

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