Hello and thank you for visiting. I write stuff, quite often randomly and sometimes technical stuff too. I’m not a microsoftee, just so happens the bulk of my work relates to products they create. I dabble in Linux and Solaris a bit, as well as virtualisation across most vendors including good old Citrix. Anyway, enjoy cos I’m off to smoke me a kipper.

You can contact me directly at me at zulfikar.co.uk

Oh, by the way NONE of these comments represent any of the companies I work for/have worked for in the past. Any advice, especially the trading stuff, is NOT be taken as correct, valid and authentic. Lots of other disclaimers to add but then this would never end!

While you’re here IF you like cooking wholesome healthy stuff (and if you’re a member of Slimming World) check out my wife’s blog here

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  1. Salaam Zulfikar
    With reference to your query on my blog about the NLP Introductory course: Yes – that is one of the topics I train at the Intro events – refer to the 2nd bullet point in the blog. Welcome to the course and I look forward to receiving your confirmation of booking.

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